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Skurio is an innovative Digital Risk Protection platform that automates searching the surface, deep and Dark Web for your critical business data and potential cyber threats to your business.

Look beyond your network with Skurio, monitor third party risk and take your cybersecurity defences to the next level.

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Data breaches by the book – how to be compliant when you have a breach

Skurio CEO, Jeremy Hendy and guest speaker and barrister, Chris Kelly, from Briefed provide a step-by-step guide to breach response compliance and examine why GDPR compliance makes good business sense.

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About Skurio

A new approach to Cybersecurity

Innovative Solutions

Designed to fit the needs of busy IT professionals, our easy to use, integrated solutions identify data breaches as soon as they appear outside your network, so you can get on with business as usual.

Digital Risk Experts

Benefit from our years of expertise in how to monitor the surface,  with deep and Dark Web monitoring– safely, automatically, and round the clock – for potential threats and risks to your business.

Dedicated to Protect

We protect our customers from risks and threats to revenue, to reputation and to regulatory compliance, to keep them safe and minimise damage and costs from data breaches.


Digital Risk Protection – don’t stay in the dark

Complex digital supply chains, increased cyber-attacks and additional data protection regulations have left your business vulnerable. Managing Cybersecurity inside your network alone is no longer enough because business-critical data is shared with partners and suppliers. At the same time, breached data is being shared and traded alongside threats and exploits on surface, deep and Dark Web sites. The result is a potential Digital Risk to your business of disruption, loss of revenue, damaged reputation and more.



Discover Skurio Digital Risk Protection Solutions

Look for breached data and threats outside your network with the Skurio Digital Risk Protection SaaS platform. Scan for critical assets, such as domains, emails, brand assets, infrastructure details and keywords with our automated surface, deep and Dark Web Monitoring; 24×7. Get instant notifications when compromised data is detected with BreachAlert’s email, text or Slack messages. Monitor for data leaks and customer data breaches across your supply chain with our innovative BreachMarker technology. Extend your monitoring further with our Cyber Threat Intelligence features, manage investigations and get insights and analytics that can help mitigate risks.


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A passion for protection, Skurio is the perfect partner for you

We understand that keeping on top of your IT security and defending your business from threats and your network from attacks is a tough, never ending struggle. Finding the time, or the expertise, to be able to monitor for threats and breaches outside your network feels like an even bigger challenge.

That’s why we’ve made our Digital Risk Protection platform fully automated, intuitive and easy to use, with open APIs and ready-made integrations with some of the core IT and security systems you already use.

And, of course, we have a team of expert security analysts to help you whenever you need us.

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Our customers trust us to protect them from Digital Risk:

The Gym Group
Mourant Legal
Naked Wines
FineMark National Bank

What our clients think

“It doesn’t have to be complicated, and that’s what we love about the platform. It’s easy to use and has great functionality.”

Amber Burridge Head of Fraud Intelligence, Cifas

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