Skurio – the Digital Risk Protection company

Skurio is an innovative SaaS platform that looks outside your network for data leaks and threats to your business

Dark Web experts

Years of perfecting innovative, automated and integrated solutions for Dark Web monitoring to search for and find your data or threats to your business.

A new approach

A fully automated solution to detect data breaches and monitor for potential risks and threats to your business outside your network.

A UK company

Founded and based in Belfast, the UK’s fast-growing Cybersecurity hub, Skurio has been reducing risk for customers since 2011.

Our Mission: To give every organisation the ability to reveal their spectrum of Digital Risk, so they can take action to mitigate it.

Our values drive how we do this:


An unconventional kind, which drives our intuition, empathy and innovation and finds new ideas.


Our passion for solving problems in cybersecurity with speed and simplicity, fuels our insatiable thirst for knowledge.


We strive to use our expertise creatively to provide continuous innovation in cyber security solutions.


Honesty is the bedrock of the services we provide to our customers. Keeping our promises is part of our DNA.


Is how we work with our partners and customers on building solutions that work for them.

287 Days

The average time it took to detect and contain a data breach in 2021 – let us help you discover it faster and reduce the impact*.

$4.24 Million

The average cost of a data breach in 2021, the highest ever recorded. Delayed detection and containment increase this figure*.

1.5 Million

New records added to our database every day to identify compromised data, relevant cyber threats and alert our customers if it’s theirs.

Skurio in the news

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28th March 2022

Feature article: The evolving cyber threat landscape in 2022 and how fintech businesses can mitigate risk – by Jeremy Hendy

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Travel Trade Gazette

16th February 2022

Skurio’s CEO, Jeremy Hendy, gives top tips to travel businesses for protecting themselves against cybercrime in 2022

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Beta News

16th February 2022

How do supply chain breaches impact businesses? And what can they do to cut the risk? Jeremy Hendy, CEO of digital risk protection specialist Skurio provides the answers.

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Digital Risk Protection can reduce the risk to your organisation from your data and other critical information appearing on the Dark Web and other parts of the internet. Speak to us to understand what information you need to protect, and just how easy it is to set up.

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