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Protect your customers from data breaches with Dark Web Monitoring.  Partner with us to protect your customers’ data, wherever it lives.

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Offer new cyber-security solutions

Whether you are a reseller who wants to extend your solution stack or an MSP who wants to create innovative new managed services for your customers, the Skurio Partner Programme is designed to support and reward you.

We will help you to grow and compete in the cybersecurity market with our automated DRP services.

Increase your revenues

Skurio DRP allows you to expand your cybersecurity portfolio, reach new markets and increase revenues with existing customers and net new customers with ease.

Work with our highly experienced cybersecurity analysts to help you to grow your business and expertise in threat intelligence.

Build trust with your customers

Help your customers to become more cyber resilient by looking outside their network for information, data and threats specific to them.

Let us help you build a proactive cybersecurity plan for your customers to reduce their digital risk.

Proactive Dark Web Monitoring for your customers

Join our network of partners helping customers to mitigate cyber threats


Extend your services portfolio by adding Managed Digital Risk Protection Services.  Add Dark Web Monitoring, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Data Breach Detection into your service portfolio, increasing your monthly recurring and project-based revenues in cybersecurity.

Create compelling value-added cybersecurity services using Skurio automated alerts, analytics and reporting.

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Protect your customers from cyber security threats.
Extend your solution stack with Dark Web Monitoring, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Data Breach Detection. Highly innovative cybersecurity solutions that protect your customers’ data beyond their network and into their digital supply chain.

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Technology Partners

Increase the efficiency of your IT teams by leveraging our extensive ecosystem of technology partners to integrate external intelligence data feeds into your existing security and IT systems like SOCs, SIEMs and SOARs, for proactive mitigation and orchestrated response.

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Partner 3

“It is great working with Skurio, we have an excellent relationship with their growing channel team. They are a positive and enthusiastic company to work with, and this is evident to everyone in Saepio’s team.  Skurio have developed the next progressive solution for data monitoring which is becoming ever more prevalent to our customer base. Their continued development and evolution of their technology allows for a long-term relationship.”

Kieran Hayes, Vendor Manager