Add Dark Web monitoring, Threat Intelligence, and Data Breach Detection to your service portfolio

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Value-Added Managed Services

Automated Digital Risk Protection services

Choose the level of digital risk protection that’s right for your customers.

  • Domain monitoring
  • Core DRP monitoring
  • Advanced DRP monitoring
  • Customer data monitoring

Project-based DRP services

Introduce your customers to Digital Risk Protection with a range of one-off services.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Integration with customer data
  • Incident investigation and response
  • Remediation and takedown

On-going managed DRP services

Create compelling value-added services using Skurio alerts, analytics and reporting.

  • Proactive supply chain monitoring
  • Specialists use case-managed services
  • Proactive managed services with SLAs
  • Regular reporting

Guide to Outsourcing Digital Risk Protection

There’s no better way to win new customers and increase monthly recurring revenues from existing customers than with a new innovative cyber security offering – Digital Risk Protection. Download our end user guide to find out how you can help your customers enhance their security posture by becoming a Skurio MSP

BreachAlert User Interface

Domain Monitoring

A low-cost, fully automated basic service covering only your customers’ corporate email domains. The Domain monitoring tool checks thousands of domain registrations daily to help protect your business from the dangers of typosquatting. 


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Core DRP Monitoring

Core monitoring services provide maximum coverage with minimum effort. This core DRP service covers essential threat categories, with minimal setup with few false positives. Suited for deployment at low cost across a broad range of customers. Monitors for:

  • Corporate email domains
  • Sub-domains
  • IP addresses
  • Typosquatting

Typosquatting protection detects newly registered fake domains similar to your customers’ domains that can be used to launch phishing campaigns.

Advanced DRP Monitoring

Advanced monitoring covers the broadest set of use cases, for organisations with a higher risk profile.

In addition to the Core DRP monitoring capabilities, this service includes additional keyword-based monitoring for mentions of company names, products and brand names, etc.

Use Skurio threat intelligence features including analytics, filtering, reporting and collaboration tools to support your analyst teams to deliver valuable triaging and investigation services as part of a managed offer. Also monitors for:

  • High-risk internal accounts
  • Database table and field names
  • VIP information and threats
  • Leaks of sensitive information or IP
  • and much more…

Customer data monitoring

High-volume, proactive monitoring of extremely large customer datasets (up to tens of millions of records) for consumer-facing businesses.

Data breaches including customer details can cause the most damage to revenue and reputation. But, with complex digital supply chains and cloud processing becoming the norm, it can be hard to protect and detect leaks of this data. Particularly if the breach originates from a supply chain partner or shadow IT system.

The Skurio DRP platform can be used for comprehensive monitoring of your customers’ customer data using these cutting edge techniques:

  • Critical database identifiers
  • Synthetic identities
  • Hashed customer email addresses
  • Anonymised dataset monitoring

Which automated Digital Risk Protection service is right for you?

Whether you’re an MSP looking to take your first step into providing security as a service or an MSSP looking to expand your existing cybersecurity portfolio, Skurio can help you to launch new value-added services that will differentiate you, reduce churn and increase your monthly recurring revenues.


Learn more about Digital Risk Protection

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Risks of the Dark Web with Skurio and IT Europa

Watch this webinar to find out how to deliver new services with automated monitoring of the surface, deep, and Dark Web with powerful analytics capabilities for cyber threat intelligence.


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Risks of the Dark Web for business

This whitepaper looks at how criminals use the Dark Web and explores the threats you could face if your business data finds its way onto it.


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Product overview

Download our product brochure to discover how the Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform works and how it can protect your business.