Create and deliver new Managed DRP Services with the Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform

Managed Digital Risk Protection (DRP) Services

An exciting new security category that will enhance the protection you can offer your customers against threats like typosquatting, account take over and much more. Combining project-based analyst services and ongoing automated monitoring services, Managed DRP Services will help you retain customers, increase satisfaction, and generate new monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Skurio partners with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who use our SaaS platform to bring this advanced capability to organisations of all sizes.  

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What is Skurio Digital Risk Protection?

DRP helps protect an organisation from cyber threats. It does this by monitoring for cyber threats and exposed data on the surface, deep and Dark Web. When breaches and threats are detected sooner, remediation is faster, reducing the risk of further data breaches and cyberattacks. 

Skurio DRP automatically monitors for exposed data and cyber threats and supports many use cases. The platform combines Dark Web Monitoring, Data Breach Detection, and Tailored Threat Intelligence.

Why Partner with Skurio?

Respond to demand for Digital Risk Protection

Analysts estimate the global DRP market was worth $1.3 billion in 2022. Get your slice of the action with Skurio.

Commercially attractive packages

With Skurio, you can start small and pay-as-you-grow. Our packages are very flexible, and subscriptions vary from monthly to multi-year.

Grow your revenues in all sectors 

Organisations of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from DRP. Grow your revenues with project-based services and ongoing monitoring.

Overview of Managed DRP Services

Here are some project-based services you can add to your portfolio to grow your business with Skurio DRP.


Understanding the digital exposure of your customers is the first step to reducing their digital risk. Your team can conduct research to show potential threats and exposed data that could be used against them if hackers target their organisation. Generate specific pre-sales reports including compromised credentials and typosquatting reports. 

Incident Response

Carry out threat remediation using the Skurio platform to identify and resolve threats to your customers’ IT systems. If the exposed data or potential cyber threats are detected, your team will be there to help investigate and remediate. Once you’ve identified a breach, you may be able to instigate a takedown from paste bins or social media, for example. 

Post Incident

Deliver post-incident reports using the Skurio platform, with recommendations to address any security gaps. Provide your expert view with details of precisely what happened and when, who or what was involved, as the starting point for an investigation. Advise customers what to implement in the short and medium term to prevent a similar attack in future, and offer them a fixed-day monitoring packages for 30/60/90 days for peace of mind.

Ongoing Managed Services

The following are examples of ongoing services that can be delivered using the Skurio DRP platform and your analyst resources. Services can, of course, be tailored and personalised based on your customers’ specific needs. 

Benefits of Partnering with Skurio

Skurio realises that one size doesn’t fit all. We can work with partners of all sizes and levels of security maturity.

The table below illustrates examples of partner types and how a relationship with Skurio would benefit them.

Currently offering migration to Cloud services, IT support, or IT helpdesk


Partner benefits:

  • Offer customers low-cost, entry-level credentials monitoring
  • Highly automated solution that doesn’t need skilled staff to set up or operate

Project-based security specialists offering pen testing, vulnerability assessments or incident response


Partner benefits:

  • Add SaaS-based monthly recurring revenue into the mix
  • Automation boosts the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing staff
  • Spend less time gathering information and more time on analysis and remediation

Already providing EDR, MDR or XDR services and familiar with the concept of monitoring and incident response


Partner benefits:

  • Quickly and easily integrate Skurio into cybersecurity stacks to extend attack surface coverage offered to your customers beyond the network perimeter
  • Be even more proactive, detecting threats before they hit enterprise network infrastructure and endpoints

Selling Dark Web Monitoring or Cyber Threat Intelligence


Partner benefits:

  • Automate data collection so your analysts can focus on investigation and remediation
  • Flexible commercials can make sense with just one key customer, so you can start small and pay-as-you-grow
  • Offer multiple use cases with just one platform; credentials monitoring, domain monitoring, supply chain monitoring, VIP monitoring

Guide to Managed Digital Risk Protection Services


Create managed Digital Risk Protection service offerings with Dark Web Monitoring, Data Breach Detection and Threat Intelligence solutions.

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