Skurio Ltd. celebrates one year of protecting customers from digital risk.

15 June, 2020

Belfast– 15th June 2020 – Skurio Ltd. today shared its vision for the future of Digital Risk Protection one year after re-branding the business from RepKnight.

When we re-branded from RepKnight one year ago, it signified a big change for the business originally founded to keep the 2012 Olympics safe.  The name change was just once a small part of our evolution. We also set out on an important mission to make cybersecurity more widely available, to reduce the digital risk for all organisations by identifying external threats, detecting data breaches outside the network, and automating response.

Twelve months on, the need for Digital Risk Protection has never been greater.

“We’ve seen an increase in cyber-attacks and data breaches over the last year, and particularly since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. The reason is two-fold. Criminals and hackers are looking to exploit the situation for profit or to make a political statement, but there is also increased digital risk related to staff working remotely,” said CEO, Jeremy Hendy.

“In our recent market study, we have tracked a growing awareness of the need to protect data beyond the network and invest in this type of solution. We are working on some exciting new features to extend our platform further and bring our intuitive design and automation in cybersecurity to every organisation,” added David Chalmers, VP Marketing.

Skurio will be announcing the launch of a new SMB solution offer in the coming weeks.