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Outside-in security, tailored to your organisation

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Tailored threat intelligence for proactive cybersecurity teams

It’s all about you

Whether you’re concerned about threats to your networks, products, data or people, Skurio’s Cyber Threat Intelligence platform brings focus to threat intelligence, searching only for threats which are relevant to your organisation.

Surface. Deep. Dark.

With everything in one place, your analysts can spend less time searching, and more time analysing. With billions of results from multiple data sources at your fingertips, it’s never been this easy.

Efficient and effective

Do more, faster. Automatically search multiple sources for threats relevant to your business. Visualise, analyse and filter the data to quickly find needles in haystacks. Triage, collaborate, prioritise, export and report to take action.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Powerful, flexible search creation

Quickly create simple or complex searches, based on one or more lists of keywords to include or exclude. Search in any language or script to identify threats wherever they originate.

Visualise and analyse results

View results in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Visualise by timeline, author, site, or channel. Use point-and-click filters to include or exclude terms of interest. Toggle between high level summaries and message details with a single click.

BreachAlert User Interface
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Finding needles in haystacks

Analyse thousands of messages on a single screen. Cut through the noise by excluding irrelevant details. Zoom in quickly on areas of interest with powerful point and click filtering capabilities. Pivot around authors, keywords, channels and much more.

Looking for additional intelligence expertise?

When your intelligence requirements expand beyond traditional threat intelligence
and you’re looking for a solution that’s tailored to your business, Skurio can help.

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Explore more features of Skurio

Quickly onboard new analysts

Our development team is laser-focused on usability. So you can onboard new analysts in hours, not days, making them efficient and effective with minimal training.

Real-time alerting

Never miss an incident by setting alerts for spikes in traffic on chosen search terms, with notifications by email, text, Slack and API.

Up and running in minutes

Skurio’s solution is fully cloud-hosted and requires no installation, letting you quickly find results relevant to your business.

Talk the talk with Skurio

Search, visualise and filter messages in any language or script, finding threats to your business no matter where they originate.

“Outside the box” threat intelligence

“If we didn’t have the Skurio threat intelligence capability, we would be under attack before we even knew that we were.”

CISO, Travel & Tourism sector

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Discover if your data already exists on the Dark Web and find out how Skurio can help you protect what’s important to your business.