Cyber Threat Intelligence

Automated threat detection, tailored to your organisation

Key Cyber Threat Intelligence features

Automated Data Collection  

Skurio’s advanced surface, deep and Dark Web monitoring works 24×7 to safely detect exposed data and potential threats from data dumps, chatrooms, forums and stealer logs. Use Open Web Monitoring to detect impersonation, misinformation, fraud and other threats on marketplaces, auction sites, social media, code repositories, file-sharing sites and mobile app stores.

Tailored Threat Alerts

Monitor ransomware sites for mentions of your organisation or supply chain partners. Get typosquatting alerts for suspicious domain registrations that could pose impersonate partner sites or your business. Get notifications for critical changes to DNS records on your own or suspicious domains. Create tailored alert monitors to capture relevant vulnerabilities and add new feeds easily.

Threat Hunting and Investigation

Create and manage investigations by saving results of interest from alerts or searches. Collaborate and share intelligence with your colleagues. Prioritise activities, add comments and share updates with your team.  Search our curated historical database, containing billions of records, to enhance investigations. Get in-app intelligence analyst support through our Ask-an-Analyst and Request Takedown features.

Analytics and Reporting

Use specialist reports to assess your digital footprint and historical typosquatting threats. Use powerful insights to filter and triage results.

Export results in multiple formats or use API feeds to integrate SIEM or ITSM platforms. Configure dashboards to assess threat levels and monitor the progress of investigations. Schedule reports for automated email delivery.

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Why choose Skurio?


Skurio is a SaaS subscription service with packages to suit every size of organisation


Quick and easy to onboard with an intuitive interface, so no specialist skills are needed


Comprehensive use cases, far-reaching data collection and an extensive historical database

Further features

  • Specialist monitoring templates for standard data types
  • Synthetic identity creation and monitoring
  • Powerful keyword monitoring
  • Intelligent snippet capture for faster analysis
  • Powerful filtering
  • Pattern matching (Regex) searches
  • Comprehensive folder management
  • Create and assign investigations
  • Manage priorities and monitor progress
  • Full API access to configure monitoring and export results
  • Configurable notifications to email, SMS, Slack or Webhook
  • Teams integration with optional Active Directory look ups
  • Customisable email templates to advise users of exposed credentials
  • High availability with near real-time notifications
  • Capable of scanning data breaches for millions of customer email addresses
  • Language and character set support
  • In-app analyst advice
  • Knowledge base – with training and how-to videos
  • Dedicated customer success support
  • Regular product updates
  • Secure platform access with multi-factor authentication
  • Complete audit trail usage history
  • Ethical terms of use enforced
  • Reduce regulatory risk with proactive data breach monitoring
  • Specialist monitoring for breaches of customer data sets

The Skurio Tailored Threat Intelligence Playbook


Learn how to define alert monitors to automatically scan the surface, deep and Dark Web for terms specific to your business, so you only get results that are relevant to your organisation.

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