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Our Dark Web Monitoring tool allows you to safely monitor activity and identify whether your data has been compromised. See what we offer here.

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Automated Dark Web Monitoring

Our automated Dark Web Monitoring solution is at the heart of the Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform. It scans the surface, deep and Dark Web around the clock for your business data. Our comprehensive source feeds include IRC chatrooms, bin sites, data dumps and social sources as well as Dark Web sites to detect your data efficiently.

Alert Monitoring

Alert monitors are easy to configure for your domain, emails, brands, products and services or any other types of data you want to look for, using broad keyword searches or pattern search. Specialist monitoring is provided for typosquatting domain registrations and customer data breaches, to protect your customers from becoming the victims of fraud scams. 

Complete Collaboration

Our collaboration tools let you share results, add comments, manage investigations and create reports, while our application programming interface (API) integration tools can provide feeds to other SOC systems. We provide in-app access to request takedowns and get advice from our expert threat analysts  so you know you’re in safe hands. Additional analyst services packages provide on-tap expertise to complement your own security team.


From sales of breached data, to attack planning and fraud, activity on the Dark Web is posing an increasing risk to businesses. This whitepaper looks at how cyber-criminals use the Dark Web. It explores the kinds of threats that can result from your business data finding its way onto the Dark Web and what you can do about it.

WARNING: Contains spider imagery!


Risks of the Dark Web Whitepaper

What types of data are on the Dark Web and what should I monitor for?

BreachAlert: Dark Web Monitoring & Breach Detection Tool
  • Hackers might share information about your infrastructure that could help you to discover attack planning and prevent it from succeeding.
  • Exposed personal details of your staff or senior executives could put them at risk of Doxing, impersonation fraud, or being targeted by activists.
  • Shared service hacks that give fraudsters free or discounted access to your products and services can have a serious impact on your revenue streams and if you know what loopholes you have, you can shut them down.
  • Searching for sold or published credit card or banking information so that action can be taken to stop those cards or details being used for fraudulent transactions.
  • Identificaton of intellectual property or digital assets for sale without your knowledge can help you take steps to prevent them from getting into the hands of your competitors.

Selecting a tool that lets you look for multiple types of data and information will help you protect more of your important assets.

Find the solution that’s right for you

Whether you’re an IT manager looking for a first step into Dark Web monitoring
or a CISO with an established SOC team seeking intelligence from external sources, Skurio can help.

We are constantly adding sources to the platform, and can include new sites specifically for your business. Instead of spending hours researching, compiling information, and filtering out false positives, your threat analysts can instantly focus on producing intelligence from the results Skurio delivers that are relevant to your business.

There’s no waiting around for an end-of-month report either, our instant notifications by email, text or Slack message let you know as soon as Skurio has detected your data.


BreachAlert User Interface

Incredibly powerful.

“It’s incredibly powerful when you see your information is on the Dark Web and you can see how easily it can be sold or shared.”

David Perstl, Security Officer, BearingPoint


Dark Web Monitoring tools automatically scan the Dark Web and scrape information from sites, forums and marketplaces. They capture a plaintext copy of the content before it is taken down which is then indexed so it can be safely searched for your data. At its simplest, Dark Web Monitoring can be thought of as a “Google” for the Dark Web.

Data breaches are inevitable and traditional IT security tools give you no guarantee to stop them or detect them. That’s because most breaches are caused by humans, not hackers. That doesn’t mean your employees are freely giving your data away but, one way or another, humans were socially engineered or accidentally involved in exposing data in a whopping 85% of data breaches in 2020.

Even with the tightest defences, data breaches can still occur. Your digital supply chain is continually expanding with remote working and transfer of IT services to Cloud applications. This makes you reliant on suppliers and partners to protect your data as well as you do. Data is critical to your business but it’s also extremely valuable to cybercriminals – so  if your data is lost, leaked or stolen, it could be headed straight for the Dark Web.

Password compromise services may let you know if a password has been exposed but they won’t advise you if other sensitive information like payment or banking details were also revealed

The average cost of a data breach in 2020 was $3.86m but if you actively monitor for data breaches you can detect them faster and limit the impact and extent of reputational damage, fines, litigation and operational costs. When data is shared or sold on the Dark Web it can be used to target your business or your customers in further cyberattacks or fraud scams. So, knowing what’s out there is key to protecting them.

Most data ends up in breach data dumps that can be used for widescale phishing campaigns or account takeover, where criminals hijack or monitor accounts in search of a more lucrative scam. An estimated 61% of data breaches result in the sale of credentials – email or username and password combinations. Credential breaches are the equivalent of giving a front door key to a hacker, potentially allowing them to access your network and carry out further attacks.

Criminals can buy credential breaches for less than the cost of data from legitimate sources and though some are given away freely, other types of data are more lucrative. A complete set of data for an individual can retail on the Dark Web for $150 when it is packaged into a digital profile. These are auctioned to criminals for identity fraud, which are used for loan applications, money laundering and impersonation. The sooner you can act, the better the chance you have to mitigate these threats or avoid them altogether.

Looking for personal data on the Dark Web isn’t straightforward. Posts can be taken down after a short time and some sites require you to set up an account to access them, which can be very difficult to get. Using manual research techniques is time-consuming and requires a very specific set of skills. You need to know where to look, go ‘under cover’, and build relationships before you are allowed access to some of these closed sites.

Any interaction on the Dark Web comes with risk. Clicking on the wrong link can put you in danger of downloading malware or marking you as a target for hackers. The Dark Web is also home to illegal and disturbing content which you should protect your staff from accessing. Using a Dark Web Monitoring tool is the best way to find the information you need in a safe and automated way

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Monitoring the Dark Web for cyber threats

Watch this BrightTalk webinar to learn about: the types of business data shared and sold on the Dark Web and beyond, the risks associated with that data falling into the wrong hands and how to find out if your important data has been breached – safely!


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Whitepaper: From the point of view of your data, your network is just one of the places it lives. Accepting this means we need to update our approach to Cybersecurity, look outside the network and look after our data; wherever it lives.


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