Data Breach Detection

Discover data breaches network monitoring can’t detect

Protect your data. Wherever it lives.

Detect data breaches

Data breaches are inevitable. If you’re focused on protecting what’s inside the firewall, you can’t see sensitive data that’s already out there. Skurio illuminates risk by monitoring for your critical data and information around the clock and providing you with instant alerts.

Across the supply chain

Today’s digital businesses use hundreds of suppliers, microservices and Cloud applications to store and process data. Skurio identifies leaks right across your supply chain, so that you can close them faster and stay on the right side of compliance.

Dark Web monitoring

Skurio gives you the power to scan for leaks of customer data 24×7 across the surface, deep and Dark Web, safely and securely. So, you will always be the first to know if a breach contains your customer data.

Increase your threat detection surface safely

Accessing the bad parts of the Internet can put your staff at risk. Skurio safely monitors surface, Deep and Dark Web sources for your data 24×7 including Tor sites, IRC chatrooms, social and text repository sites like Pastebin.

Be notified of threats or breaches appearing outside your perimeter within minutes.

Identify risk, remove noise and discover breaches sooner

Save time and effort, eliminate false positives and reduce clutter by only looking for information and data relevant to your business. Create simple or complex targeted alerts combined with advanced filtering. Find leaks of your business data using keywords, email domains, login credentials, IP Addresses, email addresses, account numbers and more.

BreachAlert User Interface

Easy to use, easy to integrate

Skurio’s intuitive design makes it easy to configure searches and act on results. Onboard quickly with minimal online training and no need for pre-existing cybersecurity skills or certifications. Use pre-configured connectors or API features to integrate valuable intelligence into your IT service management or security applications.

Find the solution that’s right for you

Whether you’re an IT manager looking for a first step into Dark Web monitoring
or a CISO with an established SOC team seeking intelligence from external sources, Skurio can help.

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Explore the advantages of Skurio Data Breach Detection

Tailor searches to your business needs

Configure alerts quickly and simply for any data important to your business; from domains and email addresses, through to customer data or network infrastructure details. Set up pattern matching searches to find proprietary information like contract numbers or SKUs.

Cut down noise and get insights

Search through results to find similarities or patterns using details such as author, date ranges, URLs, and more. Use advanced search filters to easily cut through the noise and get to the information that’s most important to you. Use our download feature to export key results into other applications.

Get key information to the right people

Define your own folders so you can manage alerts and keep track of threats. Assign messages to colleagues and track their status. Add your own notes and comments so that your team are up to date with any useful information you have uncovered.

Use our API features to automatically share alerts with other applications or reporting tools.

Monitor at scale across the supply chain

Use BreachMarker synthetic identities to mark the data sets you share with your partners and channels. Pinpoint the source of 3rd party breaches quickly and efficiently. Automatically monitor hashed customer data sets toidentify and confirm breaches of your data.

Peace of mind comes as standard

“I think peace of mind is probably one of the key things we get with Skurio. The simplicity of the interface is great. It’s clear and obvious how things work, and there’s flexibility in how you set it up.”

IT Manager, High Street & Online Travel Agent

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