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Automated, integrated Digital Risk Protection

Zero-touch data protection

Automatically protect your data against hacks, leaks, or breaches no matter where they occur. Skurio’s APIs can securely synchronise with your on-premise or cloud data stores for continuous, automated protection.

Automate and orchestrate

Increase productivity and automation in your Security Operations Centre. Use Skurio API feeds to trigger automated playbooks in any SOAR or ITSM platform, minimising cost, effort and response times.

Add value to investments

Increase the value your existing solutions provide. Protect your users and your platforms and make the systems you’ve already invested in doing more, by providing integrated alerts from Dark Web monitoring and breach detection.

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BreachResponse provides essential API functions to integrate Skurio feeds into third-party applications. Get digital footprint information for domains and emails, alert results and more via a central integration hub.

Open APIs

Use Skurio REST APIs to integrate both upstream and downstream data and processes. Use upstream integration to automatically create searches from dynamic data in those systems. Use downstream feeds to raise incidents, generate alerts and trigger automated responses and playbooks.


Do you have a product you’d like to integrate with Skurio?

If you’d like to integrate Skurio into your organisation, or if you are a SaaS product vendor and you’d like to connect it, we’d love to hear from you.

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Direct product integrations


Expand your use of Splunk to bring Dark Web threat data right into the index. Start managing threats from the outside in. Download our Splunk app here.


Integrate alerts from surface, deep and Dark Web when your data turns up somewhere bad. Create and manage playbooks to automate your response to breached corporate credentials, passwords, and many more.

ServiceNow / Microsoft Flow

Use our ServiceNow and Microsoft connectors to integrate Skurio feeds. Design your own workflows to automate your response to incidents. Use Skurio feeds for insights using reporting and dashboard tools. Download our ServiceNow app here.


Skurio comes with a ready-made Slack connection out of the box. Get messages from Skurio automatically fed to individuals or Slack teams and use Slack to manage support enquiries.

Leaders choose Skurio

“We’ve teamed up with specialist provider, Skurio, to offer our cyber policyholders best-of-breed services aimed at improving security.”

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  • On Demand Webinar

Splunk – integrate Skurio Dark Web threats

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn about the benefits of importing filtered intelligence from the surface, deep and Dark Web into your Splunk platform. how to build alert dashboards in Splunk to track and monitor Skurio results and more.


  • Brochure

Product overview

Download our product brochure to discover how the Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform works and how it can protect your business.


  • Reports

Has your data already been breached?

Request a personalised Digital Footprint Report to understand if your data has been shared or sold already. See how your business compares to other companies in your industry with this complimentary resource.


Whether you want to augment your existing solutions to illuminate digital risk from the outside-in
or looking to take your first step on the road to cybersecurity maturity – we can help!