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Our world-class team of threat intelligence analysts truly are experts in their field. They’re the ideal team to have on standby to supplement your internal staff when you need help most.

Tailored services

Whether you need help to establish your own team or need support in a specific area, our analysts can work with you to provide the right blend of skills and expertise.

Flexible delivery

Choose between ongoing support to boost your team and give you that extra reassurance, or work with our analysts on a project or incident basis as the need arises.

Threat intelligence reports

Our analysts can produce detailed threat intelligence reports on a regular or ad-hoc basis. These reports delve deeper into a particular topic and provide vital insight into threats your business is facing, allowing you to adapt to the shifting threat landscape.

Cyber incident support

If you’ve suffered a breach, our team can provide you with expert help and support. We can quickly set up searches to monitor for your content being leaked, marketed or sold online.  When data is found, we’ll investigate the source to assist the investigation. And with some truly innovative approaches, we can help you track down the perpetrators and restore customer trust.

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Analyst services guide

The Skurio intelligence analyst team can provide advice and support so you can make the most of your Skurio subscription. Let our experts help you reduce your digital risk by maintaining and monitoring your alerts, investigating threats and tracking bad actors that could be targeting your business.

Our incident support service is here for you if your organisation has already been targeted too. We can help you identify the source of an attack, prevent its fallout and provide advice on how to prevent future attacks.


What analyst services would suit my organisation?

At Skurio, we understand analyst help is not a “one size fits all” situation.
We’ll work with you to design the right solution; tailored to your needs.

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Help where you need it most

Get the best advice for you

It’s often a first reaction to request a take down if you see your data posted where it shouldn’t be. However, it can tip off the bad actor, make any investigation harder and lead to a ‘whack-a-mole’ scenario. We’ll give you the best advice.

Tailored source research

No two business are the same, and the threat landscape is constantly changing. Our analyst team can help research and identify new data sources relevant for your business.

Curated open source intelligence

There’s a huge and growing amount of open-source intelligence available to analysts these days. Knowing what’s important and relevant is a skill that’s earned through years of experience. That’s where our expert threat intelligence analyst team can help you.

Identify typo and cyber squatters

As a value-added service, we can monitor for the creation of any domains which are likely to be used to impersonate your business. You’ll receive alerts if this happens, along with confirmation if the domain is being used to send emails and an overall indication of risk.

Leaders choose Skurio

“As a leader in our industry, maintaining our brand reputation and the trust of our customers is vital. That’s why proactively monitoring for breaches and data leaks is important to us. Skurio was extremely easy to set up and provides us peace of mind with minimal day-to-day effort.”

Network Security Manager, Industrial Manufacturing

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