The Cost of Fraud

It is currently estimated that fraud will cost the UK economy over £137,000,000,000 in 2021. Criminals are making a fortune from unsuspecting victims and Dark Web monitoring and Domain monitoring are a significant contributor to stopping them. Brands that aren’t making use of domain monitoring tools could witness their customers become a casualty of online fraud.

These brands have a responsibility to the public to protect them from fraudsters and the potential rise of the price tag of fraud. We wanted to show you a comparison of how high the financial damage of fraud has become and how that cash could have been spent if it wasn’t in the hands of criminals. Use the slider to see the cost of fraud against popular items and how many could have been purchased if it wasn’t for fraudsters.

Estimated UK Cost Since the Start of 2021

£ 3 7 5 3 4 2 4 6 5
Slide right to see the impact

Equal to:

136 488 169

Cups of coffee

62 661 513

Netflix monthly subscriptions

55 606 291

Cinema tickets

44 157 937

Family packs of 16 toilet rolls

7 325 184

Full tanks of petrol

990 349


834 112

PlayStation 5

75 068

Round the world flight tickets