Margin Protection

Use Digital Risk protection to safeguard your revenue


Margin assurance challenges in a digital world

Stay one step ahead of customer fraud

Preventing revenue leakage

People are finding ways to get goods and services without paying all the time and actively sharing them online. This is losing your business revenue and you need to know when it’s happening.

Promotion abuse

Customers share discount codes all the time and there is a thriving black market for gift cards. The sooner you can spot this activity the sooner you can shut it down.

Contract loopholes

Scammers are ruthlessly quick to spot loopholes in free trials and special offers if your processes aren’t watertight. You have to find out if this is happening in order to close them.

What our customers think

“It’s been an enormous success story. We’ve been able to open up a whole avenue of intelligence that people were not looking at before.”

Finance Operations Manager, Communications sector

Protect your revenue and margin from digital threats

Discover the leaks

If scammers find a way to get free services, they’ll share it. Use BreachAlert to monitor for mentions of your brand, products and services providing early warning of leaks. Giving you the chance to close them before the damage is done.

Prevent coupon fraud

Use BreachAlert to scan marketplaces for coupon or gift card trading so that you can block their use and prevent fraud. Understand if discount codes are being exploited by monitoring chatter, so that you can take the right steps to stop them.

Close contract loopholes

Learn how customers are discovering and sharing ways to get more for less with BreachAlert. Get the critical evidence you need to track the problem to its source and close the loophole effectively.

Digital Risk resources

Here is a selection of resources to help you protect your goods and services from digital risk.

50 Ways to lose your data

From the point of view of your data, your network is just one of the places it lives. Accepting this means we need to update our approach to Cybersecurity, look outside the network and look after our data; wherever it lives.


Discover Skurio solutions

If you’re keen to understand the features in Skurio solutions and how they could help your business manage and reduce digital risk, download our brochure. Find out why our customers use BreachAlert and what they think.



Why business needs to care about the Dark Web

If you’re looking for a generic “How bad is the Dark Web?” tutorial – then this webinar is not for you! If you want to understand why the Dark Web poses a threat to your business and what you can do about it – view now!

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