Protecting customer data across your supply chain is tough

Keep customer data safe and secure


Protecting customer data across your supply chain is tough

But customers are increasingly choosing brands they trust with their data

Discover customer data breaches

Data breaches are inevitable. Understanding if a breach contains your customer data can be a real challenge when you’re protecting potentially millions of records and breached data is continually reposted and recycled in compilation breaches.

Ensure GDPR compliance

Reporting breaches in a timely way simply isn’t possible unless you don’t know a breach has occurred. Only looking inside the network won’t help. Regulators are penalising businesses that take longer to detect breaches if they don’t have the right tools in place.

Secure the supply chain

Gone are the days when you simply had to worry about protecting customer data in your datacentre. Using 3rd party providers, partners and applications has increased your digital risk and when breach occurs, how can you identify where it came from?

Security leaders choose Skurio

“As a leader in our industry, maintaining our brand reputation and the trust of our customers is vital. That’s why pro-actively monitoring for breaches and data leaks is important to us. Skurio’s BreachAlert was extremely easy to set up and provides us peace of mind with minimal day-to-day effort.”

Network Security Manager, Industrial manufacturing

Build customer trust with Digital Risk Protection

Monitor data breaches at scale

Securely scan for customer data breaches on the surface, deep and Dark web. Check if thousands, even millions of customer records are included in breaches with continuous monitoring using encrypted data. Understand quickly if you or your partners are the source of a breach.

Ensure GDPR compliance

Detect breaches as soon as they are posted on surface deep or Dark Web sites and marketplaces with round the clock monitoring and instant alerts. Notify regulatory authorities in a timely way and minimise any financial penalties to your organisation.

Secure the supply chain

Use synthetic IDs for good and watermark data so that you can share it with partners and applications confidently. When a breach occurs, you’ll know precisely where it came from and be able to quickly establish which customers have been affected.

Digital risk resources

Here is a selection of resources to help you protect your customers from digital risk.

Protecting your customer data with BreachMarker

This white paper explains how digital watermarks in your customer data sets can provide real-time alerts if data is breached, leaked, or misused – buying you valuable time to remediate the breach, and providing traceability back to the source of the leak.


Discover Skurio solutions

If you’re keen to understand the features in Skurio solutions and how they could help your business manage and reduce digital risk, download our brochure. Find out what our customers think of Breach Alert.



Detect customer data breaches in your supply chain

Data breaches originating from your supply chain are often amongst the most damaging, especially when they involve customer data. They can be difficult to trace, hard to resolve, and almost impossible to prevent across your entire supply chain. This recorded session looks at exciting new developments in customer data monitoring and techniques for watermarking.

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