Fraud Detection Solution

Stop fakers and scammers from harming your reputation


40% of branded goods purchased online are fake

Your customers can be easily duped into buying counterfeit products without even realising.

Fake goods

Unlike your branded products, counterfeit goods won’t conform to your quality requirements or international safety standards. In addition to lost revenue, they can leave you with a trail of unhappy customers looking for refunds or compensation.

Digital content protection

It’s hard enough to prevent counterfeiting of physical goods, when it comes to digital content the complexity increases. Digital content downloads can harbour malware or simply stop you from earning the revenue your business deserves.

Intellectual property breach

Your business has invested resource and money getting your products and services to market and protecting them with copyright. You need to know if a competitor is able to buy your intellectual property online.

Security leaders choose Skurio

“As a leader in our industry, maintaining our brand reputation and the trust of our customers is vital. That’s why proactively monitoring for breaches and data leaks is important to us. Skurio’s BreachAlert was extremely easy to set up and provides us peace of mind with minimal day-to-day effort.”

Network security manager, Industrial manufacturing sector

Protect your business from digital counterfeiting

Market monitoring

Don’t wait for customer complaints to alert you to counterfeit goods or services. Use proactive monitoring of surface, deep and Dark Web markets and forums and instant alerts. So, you can act against fraudulent activity sooner.

Digital content protection

Find digital content breaches faster. Combine the power of digital watermarking and finger printing with monitoring for your patterns. Easily set up searches to identify content shared with specific partners.

Protect Intellectual property online

We can scan surface, deep and Dark Web for mentions of your brand, products, trademarks around the clock. Get instant alerts if criminals attempt to share or sell your intellectual property; which show content and context.

Digital risk resources

Here is a selection of resources to help you protect your goods & services from digital risk.

50 Ways to lose your data

From the point of view of your data, your network is just one of the places it lives. Accepting this means we need to update our approach to Cybersecurity, look outside the network and look after our data; wherever it lives.


Discover Skurio solutions

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Why business needs to care about the Dark Web

If you’re looking for a generic “How bad is the Dark Web?” tutorial – then this webinar is not for you! If you want to understand why the Dark Web poses a threat to your business and what you can do about it – view now!

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