Detect staff data breaches

Prevent Account Takeovers, Phishing, Social Engineering and more…


Turn your staff from a digital risk to a cyber advantage

Prevent phishing attacks by spotting compromised credentials early

Leaked credentials

Staff need to use their business email addresses for third party services and software, but what happens if these are compromised? When credentials are posted or sold online, they can be used for a variety of cyber-attacks.

Breached personal data

Personal data, from banking information and addresses to next of kin, could be leaked from partners, apps or even a mis-addressed email. All of which can put staff at risk of fraud, identity theft or even personal safety.

Digital VIP Protection

Your senior officers are a vital asset to the online promotion and reputation of your business. If your VIPs are targeted, they will be at risk of impersonation, whale phishing, Doxing, trolling, fake news or physical harm.


The Essential Guide to Digital Risk Protection – Protecting your staff

This mini eBook uses real-life examples to illustrate how your staff could be targeted by hackers and scammers so that you can understand the steps you should take to protect them and reduce risk.


Digital Risk Protection for Staff

What our customers think

“Peace of mind is probably one of the key things. The simplicity of the interface is really good. It’s clear and obvious how things work, and there’s flexibility in how you set it up.”

IT Manager, High St and Online Travel Agent

How Skurio solutions help you keep your staff safe

Prevent phishing

Continuous surface, deep and Dark Web monitoring for email addresses and credentials is a vital weapon against phishing scams. Automated alerts help you cut out manual processes, alert your staff to be on their guard and change passwords sooner.

Worst offender insights

We all need to use our business details to register for online services these days. There are always staff, however, who sign up on dodgy sites or re-use their passwords. Footprint reports help you understand who your worst offenders are.

Monitor for identity theft

Skurio lets you safely search for personal staff details in our continuously updated breach library. Our platform uses hashed and salted data for extra protection. So, your staff don’t have to risk the dangers in accessing Dark Web.

Digital risk resources

Here is a selection of resources to help you protect your staff from digital risk.

Risks of the Dark Web for business

This whitepaper looks at how criminals use the Dark Web and explores the threats you could face if your business data finds its way onto it.


Skurio Product Overview

Download our product brochure to discover how the Skurio Digital Risk Protection platform works and how it can protect your business.



Why business needs to care about the Dark Web

If you’re looking for a generic “How bad is the Dark Web?” tutorial – then this webinar is not for you! If you want to understand why the Dark Web poses a threat to your business and what you can do about it – view now!


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